The first crowd wisdom platform using Blockchain technology. Opinion is a social network where users participate in surveys, share opinions, predict the outcome of events, and receive rewards for correct predictions.

Crowd wisdom

The phenomenon of the superiority of collective opinion over private is called - "the wisdom of the crowd." Collective opinion levels out the errors of individual thinking, resulting in an objective forecast or an indicative cut of opinions. This principle underlies the concept of Opinion.

About project

Each Opinion user can participate in questions, create them and receive rewards for their activity. All responses are stored in user profiles, making it easy to find experts in various fields and follow their responses.

All Opinions participants are grouped by interests, which is important for precise targeting: users get interesting content and businesses get focus groups for market research.

All information about created questions and received answers is stored in the blockchain. So, it is impossible to change your opinion or fake expert status.

questions about future events that imply a single correct answer
tools for studying public opinion, i.e. questions that do not have a single correct answer

Opinion is applied in the following areas:



We have developed and released versions of Opinion for iOS and Android.

Opinion smart contracts will be based on the Solana (are being developed). It’ll be the cross chain technology.

We continue to improve our project and implement new features on all platforms. We are waiting for your feedback and suggestions!


February 2019

Start of the project

March 2019

Dev Team, start of development

May 2019

Opinion on Rus Tech Week

January 2020

Our own search engine

October 2021

iOS and Android Apps


Getting the critical mass of users


Commercial polls for business


Start of AI development


"Clear Future" concept integration


CEO, Co-founder

D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (cybernetics)

Financial University, Moscow (Financial Management)

Has been in business for over seven years and runs his own billing company.

Develops a project development strategy, controls the execution of tasks to create Opinions, determines the financial policy of the company, monitors compliance with the original concept during the development of the project.


Financial University, Moscow (Finance and Credit)

Has been managing Family Office for over ten years.

Determines the development strategy of the Opinion, selects the best ways to implement the project and promotes the Opinion. Popularizer of the wisdom of the crowd. Author of the idea and initial concept of the Opinion.


Florida Institute of Technology

More than five years of experience in key positions in development departments (Comply S.R.l., Thales USA, Microsoft).

Organizes the development process of Opinion at all stages: building the architecture, forming technical specifications for developers, monitoring the execution of tasks, testing and launching the project.

Back-end Teamlead

Modern Humanitarian Academy

More than 14 years of experience in IT project management and back-end development, working with bigdata (Pladform.ru, RuTube.ru).

Performs back-end development, designs services, develops application logic, administers and develops databases.

Project Director

D. Mendeleev University of Chemical Technology of Russia (cybernetics)

Moscow International University (jurisprudence)

For over 4 years he has been holding a leading position in a billing project. More than 11 years of experience in administrative positions, experience in developing a network of bank branches at the federal level.

Ensures the functioning of Opinion activities: planning, implementation and control of project tasks, selection of team members.

Backend & Blockchain developer

Russian Technological University (Business Informatics)

He has experience in developing decentralized applications on the Solana and Ethereum platforms, experience in server development using the Spring Framework (Java).

Develops the backend of the project in accordance with the business logic of the application, administers databases and writes smart contracts on the Solana blockchain.

Front-end developer

Plekhanov university (computer science)

More than 10 years of experience in user interface development for web and mobile applications. Knows cross-browser and adaptive layout with active use of preprocessors and assembler packages.

Engaged in the development of a SPA application using the Vue.js framework and ECMAScript 6/7 tools, processing API requests, visualization and providing functionality on the client side of the server.

Front-end developer

CIT (Information systems)

Has been developing web applications for 5 years. Has experience in backend development and mobile application development. Proficient in modern layout techniques using CSS and the Sass preprocessor.

Engaged in front-end development of a SPA application on Vue.JS. Provides correct integration of the backend with the client application, implements the functional and visual parts of the application.

Content manager

Moscow State University (M.V. Lomonosov university) (philology)

More than 11 years of experience in copywriting, journalism and SMM. Specializes in text design.

Responsible for writing Opinion documentation to present the project to users. Develops a conceptual framework for the content and creates questions and predictions for the Opinion system.

UX/UI Designer

Plekhanov university (marketing)

Over 12 years experience in digital. Artistic project management and design development.

Develops UX/UI design of Opinion. Designing logical schemes for the operation of the interface of a mobile application and website.

SBH Law Office
Legal services

One of the leading law firms in the Eastern Europe. Experience in successfully representing clients in solving legal issues at the international level.

Alexander Bondar has been practicing since 2001, specializing in corporate law, mergers and acquisitions, financial technology, information technology, blockchain, banking and finance.

SBH Law Office provides full legal support for the project and is responsible for resolving issues related to the registration and operation of Opinion in different countries.

Marketing services

MIRANIT is a full cycle marketing agency with more than 9 years of experience. The main specialization of the company is digital marketing.

MIRANIT is responsible for the development and implementation of the Opinion marketing campaign at all stages of the project development.


01. What do I need to participate in the forecast?
To vote in Opinion polls and forecasts, you need to register in the app or sign in with your Google account or your Apple ID.
02. Who can create forecasts and polls?
Each user of the system has the ability to create surveys. At the moment, forecasts can be created by authorized Opinion bloggers. In the future, users will also be able to create forecasts. Creating surveys and forecasts in Opinion is free.
03. How can I get promoted and become famous in Opinion?
In the Opinion community, experts in a wide variety of fields are highly valued. Actively participate in forecasts: based on the answers, user statistics are generated that reflect his erudition in various fields. Users with the best statistics get expert status. Expert opinions are listened to by users: they are subscribed to and rewarded for the opportunity to get an expert opinion.
04. Why is Opinion using Blockcahin technology?
Blockchain technology verifies every vote and guarantees its immutability. This is a new standard for voting - the most honest, transparent and reliable. We use smart contracts based on Solana.
05. I have a suggestion/idea/question. Who should I contact?
Opinion is at the beginning of its way, and therefore your wishes and feedback are very important to us! You can always contact our support team on social networks or use the feedback form at the bottom of this site.